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Erotic Influence Couples Playing Cards Game | Flavor Shop Blog Love and Libido in Romance Games

erotic influence


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Delight into a 
"Passion-Rich" Adults Only Game

No Pressure - - Just Permission to Know your Lover Better! Here's a Fun, Inviting and Intimate Way to Grow Closer to the Mind and Body of the Person you Love... 

Play with your Lover. 
Savor one of the most romantic couple games with playing cards that prompts lovers to use their entire bodies to learn more about one another...
in creative, lusciously exciting and steamy new ways. 

Spice Up your Love Life! 

Erotic Influence: One of those intriguing couples games to be used as a tool for mutual intimate exploration... through romantic creativity. 

Enjoy it on birthdays, anniversaries or just because! 

This small deck of cards is packed with over a half hour of naughty fun, imaginative entertainment, suspense & light humor. 
Save $5 off Now. Original Price: $25

game features

Sexually Intellectual Romantic Questions & Instructions*
Sensual Multiple Choice Selections*
Enticing Strip Tease Sessions for Both Players*
Love Questions with Timed Instructions*
Exclusive & Erotic Role Playing Commands*
Provocative Instructions favoring both Male & Female players**

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