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Afi Fennick
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Flavor Shop Blog | Erotic Influence. Love and Libido in a Couples' Card Game
More Romantic, Enticing and Intimate Than Any Couples' Game
Delight into a "Passionate-Rich" Card Game Designed for Lovers

erotic influence

Adventurous Playing Cards Games

For Loving & Passionate Couples

flavor shop blog erotic influence cards game
No Pressure - - Just Permission to Know your Lover Better! Here's a Fun, Inviting and Intimate Way to Grow Closer to the Mind and Body of the Person you Love... 

Spice Up your Love Life! 

Erotic Influence: One of those intriguing couples games to be used as a tool for mutual intimate exploration... through romantic creativity. 

Enjoy it on birthdays, anniversaries or just because! 

This small deck of cards is packed with over a half hour of naughty fun, imaginative entertainment, suspense & light humor.

This Game is a $25 Value.


game features

Sexually Intellectual Romantic Questions & Instructions*
Sensual Multiple Choice Selections*
Enticing Strip Tease Sessions for Both Players*
Love Questions with Timed Instructions*
Exclusive & Erotic Role Playing Commands*
Provocative Instructions favoring both Male & Female players**

Video by KnowMoreTV

Get an idea of just what type of game Erotic Influence is

and what this Game is about. Actual Snippets from this Game Below:

Exclusive Command -- (Female Must Read This Card to Male)
"I need you to come to me, undress...between...gently."
Sorry friends, no sex allowed. You have three minutes. Just kidding!
You have 5 minutes...even more of a tease!

Exclusive command -- (Male Must Read This Card to Female)
"I want you to...pleasing...lips...tongue."
Hey hey now, You have 5 minutes!

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