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Afi Fennick
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Flavor Shop Blog Game Affiliate Program - Entertainment Partners Network Monetize your Blogs & Sites

The 100% No Cost Way to Elevate your Income. Leverage Both Time and Money while Enjoying Work from your Own Back Yard... Priceless

Erotic Influence Blog has a growing and rewarding entertainment partners network for advertisers to continuously profit from romantically creative games for couples with playing cards.

This Program was designed to be Effective, Simple and Rewarding.
Earn additional income from your social pages, websites and blogs.

Residual Income MLM. Use your power of options: 
Earn as an Affiliate-Recruiter: One who gets paid a percentage per sale to recruit more of other Affiliates. 
Earn as an Affiliate: One who gets paid a percentage per sale to advertise a product and/or service. 
You may also earn as a Recruiting Affiliate: One who gets paid per sale to recruit more of other Affiliates AND also gets paid per sale to advertise a product and/or service.

Affiliates and recruiters alike can work flexibly and remotely, also they can earn more based on performance increase. This program is straight-forward and easy enough for any seller/advertiser or recruiter to participate in.

Program Specifications: 
(Updated October 1, 2016)
Earn 35% per Sale referred
Earn 35% per Recruited Affiliate referral
Earn $75 cash per 25 Sales referred
Weekly Payouts
Payouts by PayPal, Check and Money Order
Full Client Support by phone, email and text
High quality, custom-made display ads and text ads
100% No Risk. 100% Free Program
Affiliate/Partner Analytics include: 
Clicks, 2nd Tier Signups, Impressions,
Sales and Leads, Click-thru Rates and more.

Flavor Shop Blog Affiliate Network Program Terms and Conditions: 
Payouts are once per week on Friday. Affiliate and recruiting partnerships begin upon approval. Discount retail sales delivered by affiliates and/or recruiters earn 35% per sale.
This is a pay per Sale program only. Unlimited affiliates and unlimited recruiters can be referred to this Program, but payments and bonuses are delivered only upon confirmed sales referred. 

Taxes: All affiliates and recruiters are responsible for their own taxes and preparations.

Quality affiliate and recruiting partners with Flavor Shop Blog are required to demonstrate quality networking, recruiting and advertising standards. Valuable partnerships developed are based on affiliate and recruiting performance. Therefore, Affiliate partnerships can be cancelled or terminated at any time, with or without reason/notice. 

This Program's Terms and Conditions can be updated at any time with or without reason/notice. If you agree to join Flavor Shop Blog's Affiliate Partners Network, click the Sign Up icon below. 

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