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Jacob - Boston, MA 
I was able to finish this game...after a few tries, lol. 

KiRon - 
Flavor Shop Blog....nice game. Very tempting.  

D'Netti Campbell - 
It's a pretty good game to play indeed. Me and my husband weren't able to quite finish this game either, lol! :-P Have a good one. 

Charletta Rome -  Nice Game....Sexxxxxxy. (Smiling)

Naomi - 
Ahhhh! I'm such a creative beast when it comes to sexy games like this! I had soo much FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN! :P

ChiNina from New Egypt, NJ - 
A tantalizing game for my husband and I to get in to! 

Mary from Boston -

I like the design too..good game. Make a part two!

Tyrone & Cheeks from New York -
Good way to keep things interesting. It's wassup.

Marle' from New Jersey -
Ha! I am going to keep trying to last it out, hahaha! :-0

Kali from S.Carolina -

You sho is freaky! Hee, hee, hee, hee : )

Theresa G. from Pennsylvania -
I played this game with my husband and I must say - the romance was very entertaining for sure! We sparked a passion which I, at one time thought died in a river somewhere. Thanks for making this game. It definitely helped us.

Georgette from The Bronx, NY -    
Hey, I think this game REALLY IS freaky! LOL!
But I'm OK with that! : )

Jai-Ann M. from Charleston, SC -
At first, I wasn't really sure that I wanted to try this card game, but I knew I needed something to at least try and re-kindle my marriage. So one night I set up shop. I cooked a light dinner, set the candles and incense. I went and bought lingerie from Victoria's Secret and prepared myself to become more affectionate. And I must say, this game was fun actually. At first, I was a little shy but when I finally let my hair down I was in like flynn! LOL! Thank you so much for this game. : )

Karen from Detroit, Michigan - 
I am honestly speechless. All I can really say is WOW.

Jasmyne from Boston, MA -  
I like the game, when R U coming out with another one?

Mark from Louisiana -  
Flavor, ya Sparkin'! Hot game!!!

Ethel B. from Queens, NY -  
whoa! hot kitty, kitty!

Caroline from New Jersey -
OMG! Freaky : ) It's really been a long time since I have had such a powerful lovemaking experience. I think it was mainly because of the suspense and the foreplay. The concept of extreme foreplay while battling the lure of major temptation. Strong stuff, strong stuff!

Aaliyah from Florida -    
I wanna know, who was able to finish the game - because I sure as hell didn't! LOL!

Janet from Wisconsin -    
I rate it 3.5 stars, pretty good.

Rae from Brooklyn -  
Me and my girl wasn't able to finish it, but we still had a great time tho!

Christina Evelyns from Baltimore -    
Yo, yo - That's what's up.  : 0

Brian from NY -  
I like. A +

TJ from Bronx, NY -
Cool game. I like.

Amanda from West Virginia -
Now thats what I'm talkn about! Cool points 4U! : )

Darryl from Jamaica, NY -
HOT. Real HOT. Sorry, I wasn't able to finish this game. LOL!

Ruby from Dallas, TX -
My husband and I really enjoyed this one, LOL! Thanks!

"T" from Boston, MA -
Me and my boo, Daria - give the game a 4.5 out of 5 stars. Word Up!

Zacharia from S. Dakota -
I give it A++.

Geneva B. from Indiana - 
You know, I like this game. I almost forgot we were playing a game! Got caught up in the moment, LOL!