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Flavor Shop Blog | Erotic Influence | History of the Game

Erotic Influence Game Designer Afi Fennick Flavor Shop Blog
A Word from the Designer...

"You know I can't believe that til this day, still I have yet to actually complete this entire game.

  Wow, I made the game and have not completed it! (Laughing)

So to all those who desire to play,
well you just go right ahead and give it a good, healthy try.

If you play this game, and successfully finish it - without taking a detour to the bedroom, then you have accomplished something that even I, am still working on!
Erotic Influence Game Designer Afi Fennick Flavor Shop Blog

But, if you play this game and are unable to successfully finish it without taking a sharp detour to sexual passion, 
than I have done my job in creating the challenge of Erotic Influence."

  - Afi

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About Erotic Influence...

Erotic Influence is also fantastic for couples who have experienced life together for years. Every relationship can use a little extra excitement and renewal occasionally, and Erotic Influence is the perfect tool, helping to bring creativity, imagination, and fun into the bedroom. Erotic Influence allows even experienced lovers to break away from the every day hustle and bustle, providing the encouragement needed to voice each others’ deepest fantasies, in a tasteful, yet delightfully erotic, way. 

Each card in the Erotic Influence deck has a specific suggestion for one lover to read to the other. The directions are simple, and each card offers the ability for the reader to tailor the suggestion to suit their own desires. The card reader can laugh with abandon, while shouting out a wild suggestion of how they want to see their partner’s body. Or, the reader can whisper a hidden desire into the dark night, quietly begging for a special touch from the one they love. The game is deceptively easy, while also amazingly fulfilling, as it helps loving partners learn the best ways to tease and please their lover.

Afi believes that all of the love and care you feel for your partner is beautiful. Your love should be encouraged, reinvigorated, and constantly taken to exciting new levels. The questions and suggestions in Erotic Influence will help you and your partner connect like never before, exploring each other, and your relationship.

An Exciting New Twist is well over-due in your love life. Try Erotic Influence, the sensually sensational couples' game available exclusively at Flavor Shop, where romance is Never taken for granted.


The Story Behind Erotic Influence...
Years ago, (Around 2006) the designer thought to create a sexy and fun game for her and her boyfriend to play in order to maintain the sexual spark in their relationship. Since they both love to try new things and love to please - she figured this game would be a great accessory to have. The idea was then born to have a sexy game that included variety, spontaneity and fun. She never thought to introduce this game to others - and certainly not to the world.

One day, a good friend came to visit her. While they were talking and joking around, he saw the card game on the bed. He picked it up and started browsing through the deck of cards. After a few moments, he put the cards back and said, "You really should try to market this game. I think you really have something here."

So after a moment, she thought to herself, You know what? I'm a try it and see what happens. So eventually, she did and it was born...Erotic Influence.
In 2013, she officially developed Erotic Influence's overall design, and started preparing this game for marketing. 

Now in 2014, Erotic Influence is ready for the market and making it's progressive  path in social media and content exposure.